ithaca willow you are fair lily, there lily
you grow on me and i adore you
perhaps next year
you might dance in my garden

i love you
i love you
i love you
[ i hate you ]

you remind me of the lilies
Aimee "Lily, my one and only. i can hardly wait till I see you. Silly, I know i'm silly." 010307
Lily My name, mysef, feels like silk petals and a smell so my mother doesn't keep them in the house. good thing she keeps me in the house. I think I'm worth keeping. At least until I graduate high school. 020507
unhinged i was watching this t.v. show on fox tonight while i was getting high at a friend's apartment and there was this show on called 'grounded for life' i think. in the episode the teenage daughter ends up finding out how she got her name. it was because her parents went to some huge concert in the 80s when her mom was 8 and 1/2 months pregnant and she ended up having her AT the concert and run dmc delivers the baby and asks them to name it lily in honor of his dog.

that is one fucked up show.
kerry Lily rocks... the new addition of my ex-friend's family, she dates the 6'4" guy who everyone thinks is hot but he's really a prick... i've known him too long, i guess.
but she's such a wonderful actress... and a round face, like a cameo from 18th century Britain, blond hair and horn-rimmed glasses.

she used to think i hated her.

i can't help but hibernate when i'm around strangers.... i think i end up pushing people away...
Freak my_comfort 030915
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