Mahayana i have not had one word from her... truthfully i wish i were dead when she left, even though i wept a great deal; she said to me, this parting must be endured. i go unwillingly. i go for you... i wanted to say, go, and be happy but remember [you know well] whom you leave shackled by love

if you forget me, think of our gifts to love-making and all the loveliness that we shared while no voices chanted choruses without ours, no woodlot bloomed in spring without song...
ambermoon things are not the same as thay once were. you dont call any more. you never have time to see us. seems that your never there when we need you most.
so if you forget me...
please dont forget the one you made.
we need you to be there for us.
when she laughs you should see it
when she crys you should hear it
and when she needs to be held and i just wont do, its your arms she should go to.
so if you do forget me... if thats the way it must be, so be it.
just dont foget the innocent one.
she loves you.
not god if you forget me, it won't matter. if i forget you... i won't. 041009
love & hate i will cease to exist 041010
ambermoon who will remember you 090421
unhinged one day i will stop caring
one day
unhinged (sadly and probably long after the day i stopped holding any meaning for you) 090422
unhinged don't expect me to accept your apology for the same shit after ten years. i'm tired of expending all the effort to communicate, of always being the fixer. cause sometimes i need to be fixed too, and more often than not you're too busy to fix me. 090422
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