kx21 Given i_don't_want_to_think_about_it.
But, actually i_can't_live_without_it...

This is so called the paradox and beauty of LIFE.
kx21 Water 010102
kx21 Air 010103
kx21 Space... 010104
kx21 Relationship 010105
sabbie vanilla icecream, ice magic and mini m&ms.
net access.
blather (sad but true)
the boy.

cold beer on a hot day (gods. i feel like an advertisement with that statement.)
and my brush.
bijou you can live without water or air.

not forever. nobody can live forever.

i don't know how long a person can go without water.

how much water does it take to make four new tires?
2,072 gallons.

water is the only substance found on earth naturally in three states?
solid liquid and gas.

does water regulate the earth's temperature?
yes, it is an insulator.

how long can a person live without food? more than a month.

how long can a person live without water?
approximately one week, depending on conditions.

how much water is used to flush a toilet?
1.6-7 gallons.

how much of the earths surface is water?

how much of the earth's water is suitable for drinking?
bijou "Your lung volume is the primary marker for how long you will live. Breath is life. Optimal health and wellness is impossible without optimal breathing. Most people don't know how much optimal breathing can affect so many different areas of their life!" 010821
mmm my computer
my modem
chinese food
fortune cookies
brownies and icecream
my tv
and most of all my sexy becky
niki his purple hair and silly laugh 010821
marjorie hope 010821
Aimee my personal trend seems to say happiness. I'm generally good about it.. but lord once depression hits... save us all. 010821
[] the_police 010822
Becky My baby. Aric. 031119
Jane Doe :The will to live... 031208
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