MollyGoLightly I just had a drema about hannah. She is five, I think. She has plastic shoes with gold flecks in them that she calls her "golden shoes." One pair fits me, I have no idea how.

She lives in a house where the living room is caving in. Men yell on the porch and throw beer bottles at each other and she comes to me for comfort. She has long dark hair and crooked teeth.

I was going to leave but I can't because Hannah is crying. She is sitting in a small wooden chair in the horrible house. The living room is caving in. God, I hope she's not real.
MollyGoLightly "dream," not "drema," though I do like "drema" and hope it really is a word for something.... 000529
Brad I think "drema" can be the clear-ish goop that forms when mayonnaise spoils. 000529
Alexander Beetle sniglets rule 011028
tina oh i do love her.
if only i could be more than merely...
a pet.
ClairE It is the same forwards and backwards. 011230
That girl who loves cursive is my name, and i love it and him. Because he takes a long time to write back and that makes him all the more irresistable, and will never look at me, and he's never had a girlfriend and i've had three boyfriends and he is older and i talk to him about music but he must be talking to someone else because he takes so long to write back. 031117
Live like youre dying tommorow is my name and princeton is boring... boo for that. I like cursive, too, to whoever wrote that. 031210
Candy H- Horribly
A- Annoying
N- (Will just say it stands for Bitch)
N- (She is a really big one so will say Big Bitch)
A- (Attitude=Bad)
H- (Whore. Even though that starts with W!)
pol0 planidromel 060225
ivyducktwilightseto is a totally badass chick that I've known since seventh grade. she's introduced me to some of the coolest music I've ever heard, and to some of the coolest people I've ever met. Next weekend I shall probably be getting trashed with her for her birthday. woowee. Much luv hannah p. 060226
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