jorge was what I called my neighbor's three legged pup. poor little guy. 991230
klarchen Everytime I think that I am strong, someone refers to me as gimpy.

And then just when I regain my strengh from this weakening word-blow, somebody refers to me as gumbi.

grendel you do not have a horse named Pokey and are not made of green clay...therefore, mathematically...

A) you are not gumbi (or even Gumby)

b) whoever would say such a thing deserves to be introduced to the dire cousins of the fist_kittens...

klarchen And then just when I regain my strength after the gumbi(y) word-blow, someone refers to me as giddy. 000717
Winnskier I am still not sure what this is or how I got here. And for that matter where I got that "word"; gimpy. Here I will make a sentence: I saw a boy walking his gimpy dog, I asked that boy what the word meant and he told me that he had never heard it. So go take a blather. You'll feel refreshed, I take one every morning. 000824
phil Gimpy was a stud
in roman times
back when horses had names
and people were remembered for their clothes
Well about that time there was also a fellow by the name of Dashing
He was the ugliest of three really ugly brothers
So one day he pushed Gimpy in the mud and ruined his clothes
Well of course this made gimpy very rich
He was given a new shirt
So he had a shirt filled with mud and a new shirt, he was filthy rich
all the girls admired him
they wanted to make sweet passionate love to gimpy, but they couldn't, becuase gimpy was a homosexual with the lower body of a horse
So they all had sex with Dashing and said he was dashing
p.s.The other two brothers tried pushing eachother around in the mud, but it never worked
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