no reason trying to find people to go to things with 111020
no reason wow, i didn't expect this to be a new word 111020
unhinged thwarting


its been mostly gone for the_past_six_months and I'm still tired from it
unhinged rude people

on the bus
at work
at home

since when did it become acceptable to have absolutely no manners or consideration for the other HUMAN BEINGS around you?

social media; what an oxymoronic concept
lialei true, true.

And when you work in the public,
when you interact with dozens and dozens of people a day,
you come to realize the horrifying reality that it's much more true than you would realize if you didn't.

Funny how one nice person,
one considerate person is the balm
that can entirely change the face of the day.

Do you think they know how much their kindness matters?
nr talking to multiple people who don't really give a shit about you 160403
unhinged greed 160404
unhinged working a job you hate for a boss that thinks you are a robot child

sharing an apartment when all you want is peace and quiet

loving someone that can't love you back

(it's a good thing i have learned how to manage my depression. there have been way too many triggers lately. maybe some new_ink is also in order)
what's it to you?
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