sphinxradio this is a mental exercise for me, personally.
it's almost relaxing.
but time consuming...
as i just realized...
it's midnight.
~gez~ dum di dum
500 sit ups
la dee dar
50 press ups
my work here
is nearly done
time for a quick

as the final test

andshit Descartes Wheel

All right, you TV slouches!
Put down those Dorito's!
Unstuck yourselves from couches!
Together, ten cogito's:
One and two and three and...
Repeat, "I think! I think!
I think that there is me and..."
Good God, does someone stink!

Ah... just as I imagined,
The world's a beautiful place!
Hey, the Miss America pageant!
Hey, she's got a pretty face!
"I stay fit," she quips
"By doing backflips."

fat hmm..
i did lose weight, once i started doing some amount of exercise as part of a daily schedule out of convenience instead of "i should do this"
and then i gained it back once it became less convenient

but maybe the point is that it /should be convenient, find a thing to do thati s actually fun and enjoyable because and not in spite of the fact that is healthy

.. it can't be forced, it has to be fun
or it doesn't have to be fun, it can be crap or annoying or evil, but it's easier if it's fun, and for people with zilch willpower (eg me)
hsg is practice 061013
hsg burns the most calories when you run stairs as fast as you can. it helps to carry some light weights in your hands and move them up&down and all around as you runstairs. 061013
what's it to you?
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