jeff erosion is the act of wearing away at something. the most obvious example is that of a stone thrown against hundreds of thousands of years worth of wind, rain, and sunshine - it has become rounded and sleeker, better able to cope. people can be eroded as well. and yet, losing one's edge is still cause for sadness... 980905
Caine Another example might be the great bird that sweeps away the mountain with its wings. 980923
allie byebye cape hatteras 991017
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melissah the feeling you get
after a night of tequila
as you wake up
with the pudric acidic taste
biting away your chapped lips.
jane sometimes i feel like i'm slowly crumbling and it's your fault
if i was a sandcastle you would be the tide, slowly advancing on me until i couldn't take it and your waves washed over me and i fell apart into you
of course i'm gone now and all of you have your pieces of me like you all went to disneyland together and split up the photos you took in the $1 booth
but then you all argue because one has the picture where he's blinking or one has the really funny face
you argue over me
and you would think it would be flattering
but i'm so done with it all

this has very little to do with erosion
scuzz They salvage your joy, grasp for what once was. It has gone. They now express toward each other the anger of change; the loss of you in their medium livings.
Erosion, the wave.
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You never know without observing and averaging the odds. How can you predict they will act next? I know you know; you've observed for so long.
PrettyHate Predictions cannot be guaranteed, however what_if has to be considered and the blank notion of just exactly what would the dire king want?
It becomes somewhat difficult for one to agree with and decipher the microscopic print at the bottom of the contract.
what's it to you?
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