moonshine Lets raise pigs together and eat bats in a two doored shack 000628
tourist commitment steadfst
constancy enduring
love unfolding
compassion endearing
togetherness sharing
GirlNamedLover I'd never lie to you
unless I had to
I'll do what I got to
the truth is
you could slit my throat
and with my one last gasping breath
I'd apologize for bleedin on your shirt
Poppy True, I would, but remember, IT IS ALL SYMBOLIC. Some people act in a manner of how they perceive other people to see them. If I think I'm fine, but I know you think I am shit, I might prefer to reflect back at you the image of myself you reflect to me, therefore giving me the right to hate your ass for NOT seeing THE REAL ME.

Get a brain cell people.
Master X I shall reclaim what is rightfully mine. 051115
W.C. Hopeless infatuation is sweet and all, but how much good is a man obsessed far away? The answer is obvious. I say that I do have meaningful ruminations related to things significant in my own world--just not as many. There is just something about grand things in life that makes me think of you. 070206
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