deb these days creep by in
hues of grey
and winter coats
as wind howls through
slowly turning leaves,
bringing pink out in our cheeks.
coffee brews one wall away
as cold seeps throuh
an inch-open window pane
making sweaters do their job-
words flow quickly through
my fingertips to the keyboard
and the screen,
creating whirlwind worlds
as i hold my breath,
hoping that you'll call.
whispers on the windowsill
sing secrets in my ears
as steaming cream-and-sugar coffee
finds its way through
just-parted lips,
dancing with tastebuds,
and ending in a sigh.
i only wish you could be here
to warm these icy hands...
soon, love, soon...
ellen cherry charles my friend says if someone is crispy that means they're super ultra flaming 020106
Strideo Mmmmm, nice imagery. A crisp winter day . . .

marked . 031112
flowerbed on a cloud =) fresh winter. Oh, love 061114
Syrope i'm so fascinated with every turn towards fall. i feel like i might drown in the air, when it turns so crisp and i can inhale deeply for the first time in months. 080821
unhinged 'why is it so dark out here already?'

'the seasons turning. summer is over.'
poop this country is poop.
spring is nice when the birds tweet more and when summer is close round da corner.
But now we have to wait a whole year for just ten days of pwoper sunshine.
poop poop 100802
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