Dafremen r.dafremen

An angel came
Protecting me against myself
Sat on the inside of the melee
Calling halt to all my inner ruckus
Were it just a subtle taste
Of rain there on the autumn leaves?
Could I have imagined any visions
Lovely as were these
In all my wildest dreams?
Could have my shame been any nearer
To the heart flush upon cheek,
The mark of my necessity?
The sign that I at last had come through fire
Lost my soul and captured passing insignificance
Reflections of what pass for knowing
Sand upon the breakers
Blows past all we'll never know
For being blind to the illusionary
So far from the song of summer
So far from the end of winter's bitter edge
Left to wonder if our plight is almost laughable
Capable of so much more than this
And yet we piss it all away for apathy
And now the autumn curtain falls upon the ebb
An amazing time to be alive that comes instead
As the golden leaves give way
To less welcome scenery
And the fear that fills the heart
Gives life to the survival of the soul
And as its grip takes hold
In the end, you one way or another
Let go and you are free
Then you are born again
You can begin again
Then at last you're ready
For what the future brings
At last prepared to share that future day's ambition.
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