Epitaph is proud to present “Street Art Gallerythe debut album from this up-and-coming Swedish punk rock combo. After spending a month in Soundlab Studios (Orebro, Sweden) the band has come up with an album that totally recalls what punk rock is all about. Taking the best of good old English punk mixed with a more modern American sound, Bombshell Rocks has delivered an album that is bound to send all global pogobrigades into a wild spit ‘n’ drool frenzy.

It’s the end of 1998: The Worldwide streetpunk scene is more alive and vital than ever before! Old scenesters, The Business, have had a huge upswing and are definitely back with a bang, established hardcore influences into broad daylight. Also, the success of the new generation of bands like Dropkick_Murphys, Oxymoron, Voice of a Generation, among others, have made that the streetpunk bands and scene finally seems to get the attention it so well deserves.

On “Street Art Galleryset for release on the 9th of September, Bombshell Rocks show how modern punk rock is meant to sound. Combining the early energy of Rancid and some good old Clash/SLF, Bombshell Rocks have come up with an album to stand up and show punk rock is alive, healthy, and well close to the end of the millennium, and will continue so till the last of the mohiccans has been buried. Maybe punk rock isn’t as shocking and earthshattering as it used to be, but this is where we gather, and the music still rears it’s ugly head as a powerful alternative to the mainstream, and it will never die as long as it still has enough power of boot to produce bands as BOMBSHELL ROCKS. A bold statement perhaps, but there is no doubt that this band has the right attitude and fresh force on the scene. Bombshell Rocks are already standing firm giving the new brigades of punk rock addicted kids something to believe in. “Street Art Gallery” is indeed a holiday in the sun for all the young kids and old stalewarts not yet burned out on what punk has to offer!!
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