jane how i'd love to get these tits behind a rack of alcohol 070727
up yours ohhh yeah, show them off to the world, be cheap.
if your profession is that low then don't fucking do it.
lux oh yeah, be judgmental. that's even better. 070828
misstree any customer service position is, by nature, an acting job. you wear a costume, you recite the lines, you smile when you really want to tear someone's face off. more than that, being *good* at what you do means really diving into the role...

as a bartender, you are not only there to tend the bar, as in serve drinks and wipe things, but to be the personality of the place, the right thing to the right people to get a crowd rolling. wallflowers never make it past the first few rounds.

and tits, ah, tits. i've seen a good number of female bartenders that were nothing but barbie dolls, with empty heads that melt when you throw them on the barbecue. however, i've seen far more slick chicks and hot mommas, not neccessarily the best looking but the fastest and friendliest and fiercest all at once. a good female bartender is a force to be reckoned with.

though it's not often consciously felt, they really are more than drink slingers; they tend not only to the bar but its occupants, doing the best for both, steering and stirring.

not that i miss it. too many drunks. but an interesting trip.
misstree and yes, tits help behind a bar. people prefer talking to attractive people. hard wiring, deal with it. 070829
Cleopatra "it's not rocket science", it's Vibe...

oh, but i'm too thick to work behind a bar, i prefer to "sit on it", especially on a Nile boat.
Lemon_Soda I know from personal experience that bars went under when misstree stopped tending them. 070829
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