andru235 i decided that it would be best if i became megalomaniacal for a few weeks. certainly i can be quite self-centered (they say it is a good idea to center yourself, aye?). so i figure, hey, why not blathe about myself a whole bunch, for a while?

see, i've blathed about political stuff, and about arts, and about nonsense, and about sex and theories and polygons, and about lots of other stuff. but i haven't blathed about blathing about myself!


for an indefinite period of time, i will be blathing about me and my life.

granted, i don't really have much of a life. but i figure, hey, why should that stop me?

right now i am cooking ramen noodles. soon i will eat them. after that, i will probably go to bed, but not before the sun comes up. i have a rule, don't go to bed before sunrise unless you are feeling extra-sleepy. you'd do well to follow my lead. of course, you'd do just as well to ignore me.

anyway, i just wanted to announce that i will be blathing about me, me, me! hooray! congratulation.

i hope you are having a nice day. ooops, i guess i am going to be a megalomaniac i can't be saying stuff like that. i have to keep the focus on me.

talk to you later!

oh, confound it. megalomania sucks. i think instead of megalomania, i will become obsessed with philodendrons. ooooh...steamy.
andru235 no, i must persist. i will never succeed at megalomania if i don't perservere. no one said it would be easy! especially not ME! I, for one, said nothing about easy.


andru235 huh? wha? 051023
someone mutters... there are at least two andru impersonators around...

i know cuz i'm one of 'em...
SHUTUP dippedru234orenXXIVXXII were on to you so SHUTUP 060310
Yikes. Sheesh! 060310
bsc "we're" 060311
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