psyki wow.
what a crash.
Zoe i love airplanes. they are really fun. i love the feeling right before you are about to go through turbulance and the oxygen masks drop down and the lights go off. there is something incredible about knowing that any second you and a hundred complete strangers could be plumiting to your/their deaths! well, actually more people die in mule accidents than in plane crashes a year. imagine getting killed by a mule. that's sad. 000717
no reason stop calling me shirley. 020614
squint i left a note
it said
(don't throw this away)
blister cheers, my friend. i love this place. 040809
unhinged existential_airlines

i've spent much time on airplanes in the past year. small ones; one seat aisle two seats. back and forth between milwaukee/chicago and cleveland. waiting for airplanes is tiring. stand-by tickets aren't free. even when my insides were still, waiting for airplanes can cause flutter. anxious, anticipatory, grieving flutter. thursday i'm getting on an airplane to hawaii. my little brother is moving there. grieving flutter. i haven't been on that long of a flight since high school.

the sun is always shining above the clouds.

nom "it's gonna take an airplane" 070111
mccroskey "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue" 070112
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