anne-girl cover my walls with blather_wallpaper {blather_is_so_fucking_beautiful)

learn c++

make cookies from scratch

dye my hair
dreadlocks too

acquire a cd collection

buy a house

learn latin and ancient greek

buy cheap clothes and write something beautiful on them
jeans with hamlet's (to be or not to be) soliloquy scrawled all over them...
what's not to love?

wear said clothes

learn how to draw decently (i've heard that it's possible to learn with effort and without inherent talent... saw a book that purpoted to teach once. )

take a photography class

go to university


make a decent website

make a really elaborate sandcastle, and watch the tide wash it away

visit my grandfather in trinidad

write hopeful messages in chalk on the streets downtown

live somewhere completely different for a while

make people happier

write sonnets on public bathroom walls

have a library of books i which all individually love to death

be able to say i'm truly happy
and that i love myself

i have plans for some
within the next few years
there's more to the list, too
stork daddy i'd like to regain what you've retained. 050717
Lemon_Soda ive always just wanted to leave my mark in some fashion. Thanks to blather, i have... 050717
jane before_i_die
(on red)
Doar on the (red) blather, the list is long on the blue, it could contain each red and blue. but the list....well the list...deep the list...a penny for each list.

it is a list at guessing at each others lists. but i know mine, at least i thought i knew mine. No i do know mine, maybe.

your lists might be a reflection of my lists, but then again, my mercurial nature and delving.

what's it to you?
who go