daxle (that's all she ever thinks about)
I wonder- why am I drinking?
alone, I meet my friends for lunch tomorrow, why?
and will I tell him or will I get so drunk that he will just realize because I slipped into "let me tell you everything you never wanted to hear" mode
the taste the taste
I take a drink straight from the bottle, green glass, $14, tanqueray; reminds me of the time before the high school dance
straight drink to jaws agape
I was born this way
first time I drank I did 5 shots of vodka and proceeded to drain the bottle to it's death
yet I feel I should get some credit for the non-alcoholic column, I mean, I don't do it often
I just happen to do it very very well
no hangovers, just a general feeling of disorientation
and I laugh forever at the things that I said and did
one drunk night counts for weeks of entertainment
and yet
there must be something wrong with it
she says there is, he says there is, and they are my sanity
they tell me when I am going piseeuuuu
slowly going out of my mind... she was a b-a-d-m-a-again-m
hey! what the fuck does that mean anyway
if anyone knows about dub narcotic sound system, give me a leg up by all means
my best friend is turning into a hippy, I'm so freaking jealous
I'm such an unhappiness monger
try to regain zen, 1, 2, 3
freed weed
I hate sebadoh.
daxle fucking "it's" and "its"
daxle it's only a matter of time
he's afraid to ask
lest I be offended
it's only a matter of time
danio He should hurry up and ask to get it over with. 040724
what's it to you?
who go