anne-girl when all the cheap toys in the dollar store, pink plastic and disposable say made in china
who makes them? Is it poor people working in factories, earning just enough to buy made-in-china bread

or gigantic machine factories, sprawled all over the place and constantly making toasters and plastic bouncy balls to be shipped over to us Westerners and belching out smoke?

or, or, or...
and who ships them? do they go by plane, or bus, or automobile? Are there ships bringing over loads of easily consumable crap? If so, why does my toaster get to traverse oceans and I do not? {perhaps because i am not stackable}

and are there bureaucrats there as here, enforcing quotas, minimum production, on these pink plastic brooms that my sister bought yesterday and harried workers just trying to get it done and the pretty colours of the plastic things don't mean anything {like the children working in factories, making Simbas and assorted Disney toys for $0.02 an hour do not know their names}

and, and, does that make it wrong to buy these toys, because people so much worse off than me are making them and starving because their work and their lives is not worth as much as what they're producing, somehow?

How do you explain to a six-year-old that the "don't worry be happy" Winnie The Pooh or, or , Timon represent evil exploitation and consumerism, or something?

doesn't know enough about china, for the amount of stuff she has that was created there
Lemon_Soda Buy american made (witch funds pollution and terrorism on a national scale)...


Buy chinese made(witch funds pollution and child labor exploitation)

Ofcourse, buying american stimulates our economy...and buying chinese gives them job security...

Or just don't buy anything and make home made toys.
China 's Launch Services for US-Made Satellites 050531
Long March series of rockets 050531
長征火箭 The Long March family of rockets 050531
jpg China back to commercial satellite launch market


A China-made Long March 3B rocket heads for space from the launching center in Xichang in southwest China's Sichuan Province at 20:00 (Beijing time) on April 12, 2005.

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since It is the 42nd consecutive successful flight
October 1996.
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