Quintessensual Hail to Vermont!

It's Supreme Court decided yesterday that homosexuals in committed, long-term relationships have rights to the same benefits (tax, inheritance, employee benefits, rights of visitation in hospitals, etc.) as married heterosexuals and that the state must provide some system (such as "domestic partnership") to afford those rights to homosexuals even if the state will not allow homosexuals to "marry."

This is a great victory for fairness, justice and family values.
trakie that is a very good thing. vermont is a nice place. i went there once. it's the home of ben -n- jerry's ice cream. and they make good teddy bears up there too. vermont is a very nice place indeed. 991225
MollyGoLightly and just last month, the state i live in passed a law that refuses gay couples the right to adopt. i believe it was a direct reaction to the vermont decision.

so thanks to the mississippi congress for making us a national embarassment once again.
the third rail in the summer d always goes to vermont for a month or so. being a girl from new york city, vermont is her only frame of reference for the rustic, the rural, and the wild. one summer, by the caspian lake, we drank with the russians, listened to violin-songs all night, and anatole became so ill from canned herring that he had to be airlifted to burlington to the hospital. javier got into a fight with the doctors and had to be ejected from the building - he wanted to cut the boy open. everyone went home and cooled off, and as the sun rose for high noon, they slept off the remnants of booze. 010503
falsely patriotic south of quebec, but our maple syrup is better

Abbie Chillest state in the country, bitches. No pun intended. 080304
oren Location of the Stratford Inn. 090103
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