typhoid hmm.. i seem to have written this a while ago.. my brother just found it ;) i was amused...

blue-green the color of the sea
a dying bee on a window sill
not built for it like flies
it crawls around sideways
flips on its back
and dies.
twitch twitch twitch
righting itself up again
it makes another try
thrusting its abdomen into the air
as if it's trying to sting something that
isn't there
twitch twitch twitch
where are the flowers,
unhappy critter?
they're on the other side
of that there window
why don't you fly?
I haven't seen you try
the exits only out the other way
twitch twitch twitch!
george lucas give me back my saturn you eveil doctor with the green laser 000509
*molly my eye has been for a little over a week now.

please make it stop?
pat sajak i must wipe out the critch, or it'll make me twitch 020331
blown cherry My hand was aching to reach for the phone. The number was right in front of me. I couldn't possibly have been more tempted. I could picture myself dialling, and everything that followed, or would have if I had dialled.
But now is not the time, I keep telling myself to wait for just a few more weeks, just a little bit longer. So I sit tight and bite my lip and squeeze the air out of my lungs til I have no breath left.
It was the strongest urge I've had in a while, every watt of brain power being used to hold back.

So the $74/week in Paddington will be gone, but something else will come along, some $80/week in bondi, $68 in enmore.

Just a few more weeks.
bob it's so wrong.........*twitch* 040808
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