typhoid "..But time is arbitrary. You pick your zero point anywhere you want, that way you can shuffle each person's time line till they all coincide..."
-T.P., CoL49 p106
simon time is human consciousness. we exist
as beings in time. the moment time
ceases, so also ends human existence:
self-extinction. consciousness is a
process through time: now is not an
instant, but a vaguely defined period.
i have proven (see death) that we
cannot cease to exist; hence time
cannot cease either.
there can be no atemporal existence;
temporality is part of the essence of
so time cannot have a beginning or
end. time is everlasting
splinken if i want to be timeless, do i have to break the clock?

or is that like breaking the oven so i can be delicious?

*_* "only the bellies know for sure"
amy perhaps they really meant chimeless 010103
if i could talk id tell you
that is you, love. you are timeless.
phil The red tennis ball. 040521
Bon Ton Truly I was not born yesterday.

Ok picture the least time it takes for the smallest thing in the universe to happen.

Now in the spaces between that. Are where you find timeless moments.
hsg time is the vision of the bird witnessing the landscape which already exists.

look at it. all that is ALREADY IS. it's the "you" that awakens into the vision of the timeless landscape.

learn to fly. the scenery never changes when you see it as the only one you'd never change. love, beauty, truth. a brilliant light so bright you figure your way out of the ground to the sky.

the truth is a place you cannot die.

time itself like water to ice.
lostgirl ...

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