Drennan we must never allow the technology to advance beyond our ability to control it, it is a God in hiding, waiting to reap its future. 990928
User24 we all fear what we dont understand and yet you know we gotta confront out fears but now we know that our fear can beat us so lets just hide while the others die. 010524
Inanna The first "life" on planet Mars is to be robots 011106
god happy kwanzaa, elvis meyer! 011223
cube With pots of gold waiting at the ends of each technology, it will be impossible to put the brakes on advancement until it's too late. Who knows which branch will lay waste to mankind and which the elixir to eternal life?

The only thing we can be sure of is that the time between developments will get shorter and the ride wilder.

Look to the marriage of biology and nanotech. Invest heavily. Hang on and pray for your grandchildren
reitoei a great divide between us and animals. bringing us up from the scum they are. giving us the bottom of the ocean and the moon. giving us this word. it makes us superior to others. It makes us, we are not superior, we are scum. technology is god. and it will rule. 011224
minnesota_chris If they can trace an INTERNET virus to a Minnesota uber-geek, why can't they trace some of these spam emails and send FBI agents to rough THEM up? 030829
Machiavelli70 Because corporate america owns j00.
andru235 technology, like all things
eventually comes up against something
bigger, (or maybe smaller)
and it bows unto it

and that, whatever it is,
bows to the entity above it,
so on and so forth

to underestimate technology is a hazard
to overestimate technology is foolish
all the same

what is more powerful, a universe or a lepton? (neither, you'll come to see) but of course until then you think one is superior, because you are still trapped in alpha-(male) thinking patterns
what's it to you?
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