typhoid once upon a time, a favorite food.
i ate meat then..
(a trying to extradite b from c on the grounds that it tastes to good..)
roxy replaced due to veganism by bean burritos with no cheese plus guacamole and onions. see mexican_pizza. 000309
MollyGoLightly there is a new phrase on the pizza hut sign:

"Taco is back"

every time we drive past it i scream, "Oh Taco! We meeesed you so! Thank god you came back!."

i'm pretty sure my boyfriend thinks i'm crazy.
KoOter! slang for pussy, if the girl has had too much sex, she may have some lettuce hanging out of her taco. 001208
chozo pussies.... 001208
Mlle Avril In my parents' little hick town, a dark-skinned boy with the last name Smith is called "Taco." His little brother Josh is called "Little Taco." 001221
narpf edith tada salad 010805
surrealchereal oh poor little taco
on the plate alone
poor little taco
no burrito of it's own

this poor little taco
is spicey food for you
a poor little taco
just waiting here for you
lady lunchbox he always takes me for tacos.
i'm the world's cheapest date.
amillio Sandwich it all betwwen the flour and all will be right with the world. 031007
Strideo have some tako_tacos
it_always_rains_on_the_unloved 'i love the little tacos...i love them gooood'

'but i NEEEEEED tacos, i need them or i will explode! That happens to me sometimes'

-Gir from Invader Zim
are a nigger nigger 040412
Strideo the taco is quite possibly nature's most perfect food. I want one so bad right now. I am starving.
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