MDogMA Never in my existence did I imagine I would meet such a fate. It's been a long time. I've watched ages spin and great mountains fall, the destruction of many a thing many a person held dear. If it wasn't for tenacity I would be dead or crazy. Maybe I am. That can't be I shouldn't be if I still ask the question. How does the tree grow back after its winter? Mine is much harsher. Young things find situations so easy, a death grip my survival mechanism. Hell beckons.

Into my tomb I crawl, lying face to the sky, because any other position stifles my wind. Lying counting heartbeats half asleep, waiting. I start awake realizing I havenít taken a breath for five minutes, legs feel cold rubbing life into them and counting breaths this time not worrying the heart. I sleep the sleep that can be awoken from.

To Rise and Repeat
glormfidget battle stations quick grab your rubber luncheons, there's a man lying naked by nelson's column. Oh my how did he get there, you ask - i would presume he walked, or caught a bus. i certainly hope he didn't ride a bicycle, that would be rather uncomfortable 050118
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