~gez~ i have a problem. i challenge you to solve it for me. it is this, there is a man a boat, a goat a cabbage and a wolf. the man must take only one item with him in the boat at the time. if he leaves the cabbage and goat alone the goat will eat the cabbage. if he leaves the goat and wolf alone the wolf eats the goat. transport them all across 020820
*LB* Gez i still dont get it!! Is it reeeeaaally obvious!!?? I thort i had it before! I TOLD YOU I WAS SLOW!! 020823
~gez~ i told you the solution over messenger. come on work with me people [gay fashion designer voice from america] sorry if you a gay fashion designer from america, your really cool 020826
*LB* did you really!? i must have missed it i really am slow!! 020827
Mahayana wolf & cabbage
can be left together safely

Step 1]
man takes the goat across the river

Step 2]
then goes back & takes the wolf across

step 3]
drops wolf off however puts the goat back into the boat

Step 4] takes the goat back across the river drops the goat off but at the same time puts the cabbage in the boat

step 5] takes the cabbage across & then goes back & gets the goat


Step 1] man takes goat to other side & returns to collect cabbage

Step 2] man takes cabbage to other side & returns with goat

Step 3] man leaves goat and takes wolf to other side where he leaves wolf with cabbage

Step 4] man returns to collect goat
~gez~ wow your mind works quicker than a pimp in the vatican, that post has only been there about two weeks. im impressed dude 020830
*LB* Me 2!!!
U soooooooooo dint explain it like that!
Eowithien I've seen several puzzles like this one before... Like a hen and some seeds and a wolf or something...


and then theres the boat that holds 800 pounds and there are three monkeys, two weigh 400 pounds and one weighs 800.
oli its all to do with the ammount of decimal places you can work pi out to 030829
sleeve salvo 040114
sleeve It's funny that when presented with the word solve, you start solving things instead of thinking about the actual word. 040114
misstree i begin to think of coagula and solve (pro. sawl-vay in m'head), sides of duality representing things coming together versus things dissolving. 040114
somebody If I was this man, I would be like, "Fuck this shit, you assholes have pissed me off for the last time." Then I'd follow Mahayana's suggestions and rectify the matter accordingly. 071115
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