narpf edith i keep it next to my stereo, so i can scoop out a tasty snack with my fingers when i listen to my homer and jethro records 010103
god artificial dirt 010105
Thyartshallshant I love peanut butter. I always thought that you could have really awesome sex with peanut butter. So smooth and soft. I wouldn't try using it as a lube though, that just sounds painful. 010106
god crunchy! 010106
god crunchitize me, capn' 010601
not me really Im drunk ha ha ha skull

for some reason it has peanut-butter connotations for me,

it's like someone says,
"hi, im a lesbian"

and i start smelling elephants and seeing flags and terrorists

or something,

i know i'm weird, i know i'm stupid,

please just ignore me.
Inanna "It melts in your mouth like peanut butter on the brain"-- Alice in Chains 011125
god hey! you got your skull in my peanut butter! 011208
jackie "rhesus pieces" mc cracken and you've got your peanut butter in my skull! 020523
oon fan club prez jackie, don't you mean "jackie 'rhesus positive pieces' macaquen"?

jackie#2 that's what my mom always called me when she was mad 020523
mushroomman I am a skull...

and i'm full of peanut butter

ha ha ha

i am funny..

l a u g h
nopbskull me a skull but no pb. wher can i get some of this pb? peanuts my fav [oh i think i should taste it first for worthiness] 020524
narpf edith next time i'm gonna put my linguini in it 020524
Madden sounds like something the other guy wouldn't do infront of me
Ivory You really should layer the food inside the skull so that you can pull different things out of different orifices.

Like, chocolate on the bottom so you can scoop it out of the mouth. Peanut butter that you can pull out of the nose. Cherries that you can pluck from the eyes.


Yum. Skullicious.
god it's in my will. extra crunchy! 040926
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