Gardenias from Soma They laugh like it's normal.
It's your opinions they're laughing at.

"He can do whatever he wants. Show him some damn respect. He deserves to be able to touch you if you want."

As if you're property.
As if you deserve to be groped, to be fondled, to be pushed and shoved, to be beaten, neglected, and abused.

I'm sorry the world is awful.
I'm sorry that it seems like everyone is in on some cosmic fuckery, and you're the butt of the joke.
I'm sorry I'm powerless to change anything.

They may be your kin, but I will never let them be your family again.
unhinged patriarchy is alive and well

but those of us that complain about it
are the ones with the problem

the WOMAN in charge of the department of education met with MENS RIGHTS GROUPS over the issue of what the federal government should do about sexual assault on college campuses. she is so christian that she is basically of the opinion that women are asking for it ( cosmic_irony especially since jesus hung out with whores) and legitimately entertains the idea that men are the true victims in this because they are falsely accused...

as a woman who lost her virginity in college because she was drunk so the manboy thought he could get away with it even though i told him i didn't want to have sex and the rape hotline number i called afterwards told me i had no case because i was underage drunk and it started consensually (even though i was very clear with him before any physical encounter started that i DID NOT want to have sex with him) this is like a punch in the gut.

this joke is so funny i forgot to laugh. i really wish these assholes would quit using jesus as an excuse to be morally repugnant assholes
what's it to you?
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