hinge Freeze-dried afternoons rolling sideways in a catharsis, but never too busy to chat. Soothed and tattered. I'm holding you deep in Cincinatti. Reduced to a galaxy. Beep. 010426
yoink As I rounded that melancholy corner I saw a flash of your titanium stare. I stopped for infinity. Turning around, I ran into you again. I turned to ran, but I ran into you. SO I TURNED TO RUN, BUT I RAN INTO YOU. I TURNED TO RUN AWAY AGAIN, BUT I RAN INTO YOU AGAIN!!!!! JUST WHEN I TURNED TO RUN, YOU WERE THERE, WAITING FOR ME TO RUN INTO.

with a bucket of paint from Dutch Boy. I turned on the cellphone and said "the check is in the male"
i had to run to make sure the check was in the male. if you see him, ask him if he has the check in him.
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eklektic wainwright....tara let me borrow her cd and i kept it for days. that cd was amazing but my dad thought it was "depressing crap". i think rufus wainwright if a lyrical genius and one of my favorite musical artists. 020517
Freak I once had a friend with a cat named Rufus. 020517
thefuddyduddy I, too, have had to defend our friend Rufus Wainwright against the assumtions of depression in his tone of that beautiful voice.

Ironic that the most powerful memory of his music influencing me, is of me, replaying "The Money Song" over, and over, until the point where one would usually vomit of repetition, and just crying. Sobbing, because nothing was going. Things weren't going wrong. Things weren't going right. Things just weren't progressing. I broke down. To Rufus.
camille wainwright 090725
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