Robert Spande don't
what ever you do
god damn straight. 001028
jo Restrain, maintain, advance to another plain.

Encompass all that one has with in the brief moments of our lives.

Refrain...a distance song we sang, never to capture again.
stray sing the refrain. its a sad one, but it's beautiful melody, and it goes a little like this.... 050207
unhinged on_anger

hostility ends with me
unhinged every moment is a chance for warriorship

the only righteous choice i have
to stop speaking to you
anno_salutis She remembered him
as a heavy man
with thin soled shoes
that would absorb the wet
and cause him to laugh
every time.

last she had heard of him
he had moved to San Francisco
and had opened a karaoke bar
where only the choruses of songs
were sang or played
and no one ever had to feel lost.

There was a time of course
when one could disappear
and then reappear somewhere
else entirely,
traveled lightly,
and new each time.

Now, she was able to look
him up on the webs.
She excelled at that.
A search engine paid her
to learn how she worked
to teach the computers
to replace even her,
and each day, she dug
her own grave
with social media profiles
all around her like

She found him there (he had shaven his beard)
in that place where each profile
hammers home the chorus
but will always out
each missed lyric
and lost refrain
to those in the know.
She found him
in that place
where everyone is lost.

She asked him in an anonymous
message if he still laughed
when his feet got wet.
He said yes,
and they never spoke again.
what's it to you?
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