stork daddy what is there in this world for a man of my talents? i could always go into advertising so i could write horrible things like...pleased to meat you...introducing round hut's new meatlover's combo. doing my best to convince shills to spend their hard earned money on things they don't really need would always be fun and would make me numb that much quicker i guess. 040218
stork daddy because sure if you decide to stop thinking too much, when you are thinking you're going to hate yourself for it even more, but eventually you'll get it down to a science, not thinking about it, and the moments you'll have to spend in self loathing will be fewer and farther between. 040218
time_warp self-administrated soma? 040219
mtw er, try self-administered.
not like you're deciding your hollow-eyed escape's pay raise or anything.
Lemon_Soda of my talents I don't say much,
or of my thoughts,feelings, and such
I've got nothing to contribute,
noone to give a salute,
merely a love of the way people work.

of my talents one could suppose
that I've never decided or chose,
one way or the other
or even to bother
merely a love of the way people work

of my talents I say very little,
intruth, they stand rather brittle
for if it were known
my cover would be blown
over a love of the way people work
sarah I really just want to suck his dick. I do, I really do. 040220
what's it to you?
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