Perspectives_of_Soul That burden shall soon be gone, have no fear.
The worlds we hold shall soon fall off and create oubliettes of fiery damnation, the last ray of brightness and warmth we shall ever feel.For those things have no meaning where we are going.
It seems like years have passed, and maybe they have.The transition from light to our darkness has been overwhelmingly fluid, but yet we noticed it.
The trees around us thin out, the souls within long since dead and forgotten.Their twisted dusty faces pulled tight with acute pain, their stems have wrapped around themselves.
We try and fall for our legs are tired, but they continue to walk without a care for what we want.
We find ourselves uncaring of that fact right about then.
Our hands are now whispy tendrils of smoke that are delayed in their natural response.
They can no longer be touched, they can no longer be held.
They can no longer point to where we are going.
me?who?what?where?how?why? You're English Grammar needs some work. Your site does too. Its worse than blather, its....dumb. 021208
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