Effingham Fish In droves, my dear fellow. We're practically drowning in the stuff. 020102
. . 031222
endless desire she sent me a christmas_card. 031223
Doar yes, eyebrow deep in it alright. 031224
andru235 philosophy 051207
Strideo ______________________________________________________________________________
gather 'round My blatherskites for a plethOra of noNsensical delights!

the seven sacred acrobats from san juan throw foam sarsaparilla pies at everyone!

nine gnomes of the nonesuch house constantly run from a large white mouse!

the clean keen King krang diEd at the impact of a dozen dark red boomerangs.

whY not eat 15 kleenex birds and then tell us what they taste like with dirty words?

sixteen kite shields fly the skies! swooping down to mingle aMong foAm pies!

20 cracked heads Gushing blood are almost enough to cause a deep red flood.

curious conga rebels shall come to see that the angry green apples number twenty three!

angry green apples each with 32 sharp teeth gnaw some unlucky worms wIthin their meeth!

a number! a number! always higher! but not on this line my dear sire!

there appears to be 33 magiC blue prawns smart enough to mow our grass green lawns.

Gloomy old eeyOre gave up foRty four stItches to fix an oLd fat man's breaches.

on the bridge an oLd dwArf sayS "hAlt!" you must pay him with 50 grains of saLt!

we Take a break in a bog and now is the time we all drink foul green grog.

i'm tired of coming up with all this crap so it's time for me to shut my yap.
forsaken by a toaster folks tend to think of it as stupidity..


clerbloinkula! ahahaha!!! mainstream
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