ferret is a gunk.
how lovely.

i thought geekthic was funny.

gift me with more names for new subcultures...

the overexcited
grindmath pipeboys (gay stoners)

thugii (gansta goths)

ruusters (ska kids who drag race)
ferret lol, i feel so happy (?) that my subculture has finally been acknowledged? thank you sabbie! 031114
misstree gravers: gothic ravers
hippire: hippie goth (there was a better term, but i heard it 5 years ago, forgive.)

i still think of hipsters as new.
u24 "the piglet patrol" are the bunch of kids (in fact, nowadays it's everyone, anyway) who hang around wearing OUR clothes, listening to shit music, and squealing like piglets, yes, it's the minigrebs 031115
Fatal Flower what about the 'delvers'

this curious and highly entertaining bespeckled readers of delight
bijou applecore

i'm all about apples
girl_jane I clicked on this, read through it, and realized that "hipsters" was not a link on this page. I knew it should be because I just created that page not long 040317
thoughtdrop I think blogger culture qualifies. The other day I was with my sister, and we saw an unusually colorful pipe jutting out of the wall that looked like a very urban blogerly image. Just as I was saying that it looked like a very urban blogerly image, some random guy with a camera darted in front of us and snapped a shot of it! I burst out into incredulous laughter and explained the situation to him, and he admitted that he's a blog-flickr boy, and we all talked onlinery for a while.

Bloggers also tend to be more in the know about the little intricacies of various worldwide events. They are subject to more disconfirming evidence.

As I like to put it:
what's it to you?
who go