roxy former love. 000309
WoNDERGIRL you and I
and our mexican pizza
so subtly
into the sky
unhinged i used to love mexican pizza day...i loved the pizza at school. you know the rectangles without any crust. maybe i liked it so much cause i don't like pizza crust. everyone thought i was nuts. 010110
moonshine I just like to nibble the crust off the pizza, and leave the rest. Perhaps we could work an agreement out. 010110
unhinged i think an agreement could definitely be reached in this situation =) 010111
birdmad what would happen to me if i were hit by a steamroller 010112
Freak Well, if it completely ran you over then you would probably die. :-P 020508
poetic_onslaught is stupid. the pizza served in mexico is the same as here and any other place. except they got better toppings over there like res and chorizo. real mexican tacos kick ass. but if your ever there dont drink the water. :) you have to be used to it or you'll get sick. 020509
birdmad in my old neighborhood it was an open quesadilla with some diced ham, some asadero cheese and some cheddar and a good sauce in place of the usual pizza sauce, there was one brand of tortillas that was especially good for it which was funny because it wasn't really good for anything else, stick it in the broiler tray underneath the oven for about a couple of minutes (or until the tortilla was a little bit toasted around the edges and BAM! - fast food 020509
quinn spicy sausage and iridescent onions
red and green peppers
licking the crimson sauce from my salty lips
what's it to you?
who go