Annie111 I have this friend kris, he is like a little kid in a big guy's body. He looks like he woke up in the salvation army clothes bin. He has this grin... and he does what he wants, most of the time. He is what they call in real estate, a "fixer upper." he will be an elementary school gym teacher; or a race car driver. We are the mack at pictionary. He hurt one of my friends, in the heart, and i think that he doesn't really even know it. 011127
Freak Kris with a "k" is suppossed to be the girls version of the name. I read that somewhere once when I hung out with a guy named Kristopher. 021216
Lilac He never had a chance in life. I've never decided whether it was his fault that he still doesn't or if he shouldve been able to pull himself out of it and know better than what he does. Sure it sounds easy to me but I have never been in his situation so I couldn't say. I guess I will just continue to pity and dispise him. 030124
tiffany When I was 5, I hated you. When I was 15, I liked you. When I was 16, I kissed you. At 17, I hated you again. And a few months ago, we said our goodbyes. It's a shame when friends and lovers move out of your life, but I know we'll both do just fine on our own. 050219
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