me? what's the plural of kleenex? kleeni? kleenexus? klenx? (you can never use just one)

if there is no god, who pops up the next kleenex?
valis sounds like some kind of sinister sanitary conglomerate from one of the robocop movies. 991210
amy what percentage of the population never blows their nose? i just need to know how abnormal i am. 000206
tourist Out in the wild, the technique is as follows. take a deep breath lean downwind and place a finger on one nostril applying just enough pressure to close it, then exhale sharply propelling the offending phlem outward away from you. Now repeat for the other nostril. If you practice you'll clear your beard an not even need one.(kleenex)Thus reducing the strain on available resources and reducing litter. Give a hoot don't pollute! 001025
daxle ah the snot rocket 001229
girl_jane kleenex cold care-my mom bought some special tissues just for me at my request...having a sinus infection is no fun... 020209
lady lunchbox ah, we go thru a box a week....

and only one of us blows our nose on a regular basis. ;-)
professor uno it appears that i've misplaced my sinuses 020807
Elzbieta 25 kleenex lay crumpled in the trash can
Your lips trembling, your face red
Eyes are bloodshot but still wide with fear
We cling to each other
And I hear you whimper and feel you shake
Myself, I don't know what to do
I feel so useless
but I hold you and
and speak soothingly as you have for me all those times
I thought my life was over
Your life isn't over
I will run with you
I will fight with you
I will love you
I will defend you
Together, I shall not let you go down
Though I cannot fight your battles
Though I can't make the used kleenexs disappear
I will let you lean on me
I will help get you where you need to go
CowsAndMoosesRule loads and loads surrounding me. It finally notices me after i have put out 10 boxes, filling the room with laughter, what a freak, no wonder it is a messed up brain anurism with a body 040218
its me is your house God-forsaken if your kleenex don't pop up? 040803
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