emily ...the one who laughs last... 000519
splinken can't decide if i like him better as a psychotic fop or an eerily quiet man with naturally green hair.

the joker in The Dark Knight Returns looks like an ex-best friend of mine will in 50 years. except for the green hair and mime-white skin, of course.

arkham asylum's joker is allright, though the red text is hard to read. other than that, mckean did an amazing job.

thanks for the good times, ya crazy bastard.
wild card birdmad although i'm laughing
on the outside
my smile is just skin deep
inside i'm really crying
i hope you'll join me
for a weep
grendel if you can find them,

look for the two episodes where he tangled with me/him/us/them.

Batman/Grendel v1
*Devil's Masque
*Devil's Riddle

under the crossed DC/Comico imprint

and Batman/Grendel v2
*Devil's Dance
*Devil's Bones
splinken ah.

so you're THAT grendel.


see my eyes shining in the dark

i am a litany of past atrocities and future sins...the ancient cave-dweller and wrecker of meadhalls...perhaps a future god.

i am patient
i am directed
i am grendel
The Schleiffen Man i have a batman/grendel trashcan mag that's in good condition. woot! 001008
grendel ashcan, i believe

trashcan is a pyromaniac

(is pissed because all of my grendel comix were stolen and i had almost all of the comico and dark horse runs

(except for the 3 original b/w issues and the silverback miniseries)

dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
addicted_to_anime there must be some way out of here said the joker to the thief... HENDRIX ROX... just needed to get that out of my system, I have no idea about batman or the joker or whatever i just felt like talking about jimi hendrix cuz he was the best guitarist ever 041109
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