carne de metal I am CARNE DE METAL, but i blathed as GOD once, I am sorry.
the thing is, in my list of blathes, there is a big list that's not mine, its from the person that usually blathes under the name god.
PS: Carne de metal does not intend to prove or disprove any connection between god blatherer and the real god.
zeke in fact, i do not believe in any god. i am not a solipsist, nor am i a believer in self-guided reality or spiritual forces. i am a stone-cold atheist.

this does not mean that i am hostile to people who feel differently. quite to the contrary, i am fascinated by other systems of belief to the extent that i have made a somewhat more than a casual study of religiosity and related phenomena for much of my life.

when i say "truth is a human construct" or any of the variations on that theme, i am simply saying that all assertions about the nature of reality, being symbolic, are abstract constructions. the words or the ideas they represent are not the same as the things that they describe. they are vectors of communication not the things themselves. sometimes it's easy to loose sight of this principle (if indeed one accepts it).
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The Concepts Most Likely Obscure Our
Ability To Truly Experience "Reality"
Parents, Friends And Social Institutions Have Labled Everything.
"Name Your Colors"
"Peek-a Boo"
"This Is Good"
"That Is Bad"
Nothing Short Of Years Of Meditation,
Or A Strong Dose Of Psycedlics
Lays That Framework To Rest
And Lets The True Unrefined Mystery Shine Through
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