caldwell what happens to words when you create a link on a webpage 000305
caldwell what happens to words when you create a link on a website 000305
Equin0x Highlights should be light, not dark. Why do things go black when I highlight them? Is it something wrong with me? 000524
yoink hitherest, my precious, it is of no matter wilst thou hear my plea. i prithee spare one minute space in time so'st i can be absent from those thoughts that interrupt. wilst thou hear me? i thank you for your leave. i have'st a grave confession to make. were i to be soaked from head to toe in fuel and set afire i would still not differ from this existence. thou possesses an immense room in my heart of hearts, but it is the rooms thou does't not possess that are of harm. for thou hath discovered a love apart from mine, and it is this you must follow. have faith, my good lady, in the bond created from each heart to another. for your happiness, indeed, is the immense pleasure i desire. i feelst as though by and by my heart will return to your shelter, and thou will not be near. it is this that burdens me, melts my eyes and drowns my lungs. the passion i have for you is not yet arisen from infancy, but it lie dormant, awaiting the moment i do not quite understand. for now, dear precious, it is time for you to follow your ryes, and i to follow mine. these eyes may'st create a different heart and lead thou to a different lover, but 'tis all in good spirits, and 'tis no need to await my untimely nature. go hither, and make yourself happy, but do not overwrite the memory of mine desires, for 'twould be a dark day the day the passion has deformed 020811
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