silentbob My friend.
16 year old young punk, who likes ska more.
recently got dumped by a love of his life, tanya (tan-yuh) and is bitter at the world with angst and cannot releave it thru poetry. he thinks his only friend in the world (next to me) is richard, who has stuck by him all the time.
going up back to talk to danny and tanya i realize he is depressed and not seeing clearly...he doesn't really know what to do with these emotions and hes lashing out at the wrong things.
i fucking wish i could help him, my poor little bastard
Sigmund Barrett Be there for him.
Keep him away from her/ and her from him.
Go under a Bridge with a shit load of paint. Let him paint his emotions out. Words, Images, anything. It did wonders for me.
But, all and all, TIME is the only cure.
silentbob he moved to cedarrapids with tanya 030701
girl_jane I hit "go" and came here. I thought it was strange since I was just telling my friend Meg about him last night. 030929
JaCkIe my boyfriend.........slept with my sister.....and her best friend.....and two of mine..... 040224
sphinxradio nave backwards. i write letters to you that you'll never see. 050329
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