jim downside the correct spelling for mtv.

downside sucks.
indie.chickadee MTV is empty. Everyone on MTV is so perky and smiley and fake. All the videos they play are so airbrushed and polished and manufactured. All of which=emptiness 020510
phil ha. 020510
sphinxradio ditto. i'll remember that. 020510
god really fantastic hairdo, i'm serious 020615
celestias shadow watches avril lavigne smirk on the tv. watches her be called punk. watches good charlotte be called punk. screams. 030901
quotree get off the air. NOW! 030901
The Spork i wonder if it was irony or cluelessness that led them to pick Chris Rock as the host of their awards show

"The MTV Video Music Awards, but really, we know they don't show videos on MTV, they're all about the TV shows, you know the classic shows like "Say What? Karaoke" and when "Say What Karaoke" is on i say 'what the hell's on the other channel"... and 'Making the Band' with P Diddy...yeah...P Diddy mentoring the kids, because they need someone to teach them wrong from wrong-er - i can just see him now "That gun does NOT go with those shoes, what's wrong with you?"

"The VMA's have been around for 20 years, they're twenty years old.... that means in a couple of years it'll start watching VH1"

Like i said, either they were trying to be ironic by letting him say that or somebody at the network was pissed off as the monologue went on

just too bad it won't actually change anything if the latter is true

Of course, at my age, MTV hasn't been really anything i've had much use for since they stopped doing Headbanger's Ball and 120 Minutes. I remember when the only non- music video shows they had on were Monty Python's Flying Circus and Remote Control in the afternoons and The_young_ones on sunday nights

Yeah, i know, i'm "old" (35)
white waver I"m old too. I was born in 1969. Yeah, I loved the Young Ones too. 040116
phil Beavis and Butthead was the last clump of scalp in the drain. 040117
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