Lemon_Soda Close Your Eyes, dunk your head,
breath the water, now your dead!

Float on top, face straight down,
oh what a joy it is to drown!

No more worries, no more fears,
Save, perhaps the angel's leers.

No more hugs, lose the love,
No second chances from above,

Can't eat pizza, or make love,
You'll never fly like the dove,

Legs don't work, you can't dance,
Ears are full, won't hear trance,

Drink is gone, so is swallow,
No self pity in wich to wallow,

Freinds don't care, they've moved on,
All that was you is totally gone,

Little brother got your car,
Guess you'll never be a star,

They say life sucks, that may be true,

but not as much as dead YOU.
  i'm too far away from the_beach 030829
nom in what you know not
in what you can't see
in what you haven't heard
misstree in raindrops,
the sky loves you today.
Death of a Rose with transpired completeness 031127
ferret in your own excrement, the world is too clean these days... 031127
cel drown myself!? what, do i have to do everything myself? 040710
Borealis okay..
*drops in head first*
Ouroboros I've imagined myself in her body,
the stones heavy in my pockets,
smooth in my hands.
and each step deeper in the water-
the water's greedy embrace-
the relief.
what's it to you?
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