neesh won't send me my contract, says i don't need one in fact, when i kind of need it so i can get a visa to enter the country, but still magically expects me to start in two weeks time. i've tried politely telling him i need one for the last three months, but i give up, i'm going to start yelling at him until he sends it.

on the plus side it means i get to spend more time in england, because even if he sends me the contract on monday it's not enough time for me to leave at the end of the month, as planned. although on the down side i can no longer afford to spend nine months out there, so i'll only be there for seven. which means i won't have a year's experience at the end of it.


is fuming
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neesh has taken a three week holiday, still hasn't got me a visa or contract, and has left me and the other teacher teaching around 45 hours a week, hasn't tried to tell his boss we need a third teacher because our contracts are for 35 hours a week, and doing 12 hours today and 9 hours tomorrow is too much for me, but before he left arranged for a new course to start next week, which i'm to teach, and today is pay day and i haven't been paid, not that i have any time to cash my cheque or spend my money.

at least it's only work. at least i am creative whenever i get the chance, at least i love teaching and my students, at least francisca's cheery today, and at least delith is always there to pick francisca and i up when we're down. at least my head is better sorted now. it's only work and it's only money. must keep that in mind.
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