Tank i hate the way these bloody cravings make me unable to concentrate, unable to fully function without a pack strapped to my thigh the way my revolution should be. i ask myself, what good is a supa hero, who whilst in the middle of battling evil, has to stop and say, "oh excuse me, please don't shoot for 5 mins, i just gotta have a smoke break"..? 000706
grendel the kind that neither food, smoke, nor drink do the slightest thing to sate.

physical and metaphysical ache, slithering, serpentine around my nerves, playing up the solitude of waking up from some breathless dream in the_small_hours
Fierce I just had a cigarette an hour ago. I didn't like it all of a sudden. I'm not addicted anymore. It's 80 degrees outside and it made it hard to breathe. So after one hit, I threw it out.

But I'll do it again here in another hour. That's the way I go.
Soma I know not what I want, yet I want it quite badly. An empty little hole wiggles inside me. Is it a craving, or a longing? Perhaps I am too craven to collect what I crave. Perhaps I know it, but am blind to it. The time for sleep is now, but I am restless. I stare at the ceiling. I will not be satiated. 130702
unhinged come from fear of being empty

but the universe is inherently empty
so there's nothing to fear

my eating and spending habits need re_examined
what's it to you?
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