unhinged lament

in simple terms
it begins with the tiniest of sentiments
to be snuffed_out
by the constant reiteration
(the same tired_old_story )
of one descending tetrachord

a small fuzzy whisper
expanded into gutwrenching plea
(harmonic dissonance; vertical
cause it all piles up)
but there's something about the variation
inside those same four notes
that just pulls it right out of me

but even with all these people around me
i'm starved for humanity
a kind touch is so hard to find
i need to reach out
but my hands are always empty

fact is
there aren't many people in the world
i can truly be myself around
so when i find one
i tend to grasp

i could live inside the sadness of that piece
of any of the pieces i learned
i leave that one in my case
unhinged i feel the need to get more new_ink 141108
unhinged no matter how hard i try to stop
i just keep going
what's it to you?
who go