owl one of the greatest comics ever! 010415
Teddybear I agree...I was so sad when I heard no more were going to be made

I always thought that the stories could have gone calvin having to go through the trauma of getting a sibling
Aimee oh god, could you just imagine that... he'd flip out... he and hobbes would run away to their tree house.... if only... 010415
owl whats better than a comic in the point of view of a sarcastic deviant child. non sequiter is good too. 010415
Norm I've been reading these comics ever since I could first read. Now when I look back at them I wonder "How much of my personality did I take from this?" 011029
jaane That 10 year anniversary book, with the strip-by-strip commentary from Watterson himself, ruined it all for me. 011030
silentbob the narrator of fight club is calvin all grown up. tyler durdan is hobbes. fight club is the Get Rid of Slimey Girls club. marla is susie. 011030
cheer-up-emo-kid I was going to write about how I love calvin and hobbes but that fight club thing blew my mind. 020714
drstrangelove the monster under the bed book was cool 020715
lenore the greatest comic ever. 040107
no reason my trivial pursuit partner had never even HEARD of it.

can you think of a more appalling thing?

i can't.
chocolatte we had to do an essay for lit class
we were all going to read each others'
so we needed code names
i chose 'hobbes'
someone else chose 'calvin'

i wonder who it was?

P.S. Come back, Bill Watterson!
pipedream wow, that's really rather cool.. 040109
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