Christine Unnecessary anger has
left me drained
& grasping for
Breathe in.
Now out.
Consciously embrace
this fleeting moment
while carrying on
into the next.
Take a step beyond
my own horizon.
Forget to hesitate
before the fall.
Just let the emotion
seep on through,
let it rush beyond
my being,
then let it go...
Essence of Insanity Becoming ever increasingly mindful that I am indeed losing my mind... 050226
kim bodyful
unhinged is unfortunately a hard thing to do in the presence of other human beings...

which sadly defeats the purpose
Piso Mojado the pause before reacting 050509
Lemon_Soda What unhinged said. 050509
unhinged moments_of_nonbeing 050509
dandy being is more than feeling as much feeling as you can pump yourself up to. it's ok to feel close to nothing. feelings come back. it's like varying your mental masturbation to be sensitive to more levels and kinds of touch.

mindfulness is opening up the flow within you, letting angers not be bottled and not spewing but seeping away sometimes and joys being gentler. it's stepping outside of yourself and trusting that you are still you when you do and that you can still step back inside the experience.

it's flexibility. which brings us back to masturbation and being one in mind and body and heart with the one you will spend the most time with in your life. invest in yourself in mindfulness.
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