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Rhin The first time 'G' met me, she was frightened of me. She had this impression of me as being a badass. Alot of people do. I usually have this very intense look on my face, and I ignore people. Actually, most people just think that I am a bitch! ...I'm just thinking damnit!!! 001224
ladyg you scared the hell out of me, i invited you over to spend the night cause i didn't want you to kick my ass for not, lol, and we have been together since, so see, if i wasen't afraid of you, i would of never invited you over, lol 001226
Rhin Hey 'G', P. Taylor said she was gonna' fuck you up! 001226
jesse hey Becca.....Jolie said she was gonna fuck you up.... 001229
jennifer really?
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