nah....! i once knew this girl
who had so many pairs of jeans
that she never repeated wearing them
until the school year was over
whoknows what the hell! shyte, i wear one pair of jeans per week. 011114
anti-social butterfly i wear one pair of jeans every week or even two weeks. i don't care if they get holes in them. i actually had these girls ask me if i got my favorite pair of jeans from gap or abercrombie or something and if they were made to look worn out like mine look. what the hell? i actually wear them more than one day in a row so they get like that, and i don't have to pay a hundred dollars for jeans that look grungy. diy. i mean, what the hell dude? that girl is seriously messed up. 011114
nah....! i completely agree with you, butterfly. she was fucked up to the wahzoo. what a fool. 011114
niki i have 3 pairs of jeans
sometims i wash them...sometimes i'll just stick them in the dryer with a bounce sheet
white_wave most jeans are made to fit boyish figures. why don't they make them with curvy hips and teeny waist. low ride don't even work for me. 040229
minnesota_chris low ride jeans started in the early 90's when women started wearing men's jeans. They claimed they were more comfortable, but I think it was because they were sized in inches instead of the normal women's sizes, so women just wore whatever was comfortable instead of trying to squeeze into a size smaller.

Now they only look good on skinny women. But they would look good in gunny sacks.
mood ring i dont look good in low rise...
i actually dont have enough hips (grammar? not here buddy)
its a bit depressing.
what's it to you?
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