doggy Fieldhands are holding up buckets of crab apples and waving. I have the goldy dye of a tawny day under my fingernails. I'm going to assume that more is going than appears to be. We're all asses.
I don't want to live in a pop-reference "remember the 80s?" worn-out sobby sobby palatial facial space. You can shove your top 40 angst in your Hearse-shaped head room.
doggy oh yeah, dental hygenists rock! 000511
doggy Oh yeah, dental hygentists rock! 000511
doggy And people who blather after their last blathers are masturbators 000511
birdmad end.

when i can find the moment and be through the moment, i'll have reached it.

the vaishing_point
unhinged they tried and it all fell to pieces 011024
olive he cried on the other side of the chord because he wanted to be in a blue world that didn't have any physical.
didn't have any words.
he cried because so far he's unable to transcend into his own transcendental universe.
he says he wants to fall into a black hole when hes walking down the street.
and just sit there forever and relish the absurdity of how he worried about anything during his life.
so i told him if i ever find a black hole i'll come get him so he can go in first.
i'll follow.
he told me if he ever finds the blue world he'll come and get me so we can go in together.
and if we figure out how to go back and forth...
i think we'll decide to come and get everyone.
tourist Great Mambo Chicken
The Transhuman Experience
by Ed Regis
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